Terms of Services for Universities

(1)       To provide sufficient prospectus, promotional materials, brochures and other educational materials of the university including application forms and other related materials if required.

(2)       To check the educational qualifications and other required documents for qualified students after receiving their application forms and provide specific answer within 10 days after evaluation to medicochina.com.

(3)       On signing of this website or accepting students application applied from this website it will be deemed that university has agreed financial terms and conditions stipulated and communicated by email to university.

(4)       University will arrange pick up of students from nearest international airport with appropriate charges communicated in advance to student or authorized representative of medicochina.com.

(5)       University/ College / Institution will ensure quality education with syllabus matching to international standards.

(6)       Language of instruction will be in English for all subjects. Wherever agreed to admit students for English Taught Program.

(7)       University/ College / Institution will send examination test reports in every academic year to medicochina.com by EMS.

(8)     University/ College / Institution will make an arrangement for a medical checkup of students on their first arrival at student’s cost for MBBS and Medical Master degree students.

(9)     University/ College / Institution will arrange one affiliated medical hospital for the treatment of foreign students in case of illness during their 5/3 years stay, at the student’s own cost. University/ College / Institution will take medical insurance for all the students within 10 days of arrival in China. Insurance fee will be paid by the students.

(10)     University/ College / Institution will provide scholarship to the best student in every academic year according to award rule of University.

(11)     In the cases like SARS or Bird flues etc, party A will take responsibility of foreign students according to PRC’s rules and regulations which is guided by government. All foreign students will be protected and looked after for their safety of health and sanitation.

(12)     University/ College / Institution will provide kitchen & accommodation to cook for students from South East Asian countries.

(13)     University/ College / Institution will provide place for Office/ accommodation for representative of medicochina.com at no extra cost .

(14) University/ College / Institution will update tuition fee and other charges directly from admin login given to University/ College / Institution  officials , or will inform medicochina.com to update the same.

(15) On starting usages of medicochina.com it will be deemed that SEAES Education (P) Ltd., India , has been appointed as official agency by University / College/Institution ,and  is allowed to bring students from across globe for  MBBS / Master Courses or any other course displayed on the website medicochinba.com

(16) On using admin login on this website will be deemed as acceptance of all other terms and conditions sent along with confirmation email for acceptance.  

(17) University will have to make the arrangement on priority basis for sending the admission notice and JW 202 by mail and courier at the earliest.