Terms of Services for Students



            I, am a student and through the websites of SEAES Education (P.) Ltd. I have agreed to participate in a study abroad program through the host organization, I understand that information on the website may be incomplete or may not have updated at the time of application.

1. I have made an informed decision to participate in medicine program or any other course in China, through the School of Medicine at University (“MBBS”). I understand that the MBBS program is not offered, operated, owned or controlled by SEAES. I understand that SEAES Education (P.) Ltd. is affiliated with University for admission co-ordination only, with the School of Overseas Education and School of Medicine, for the MBBS and other program offered on this website. I understand that SEAES Education (P.) Ltd. has no control over the Host, it’s, curriculum, itinerary, travel arrangement or accommodations.

2. In granting academic credit for successful completion of the MBBS program, SEAES Education (P.) Ltd. affirms only that the experience is an appropriate curricular option and will meet the Medical Council of Indias screening test requirements for appearing in screening test conducted by MCI and SEAES Education (P.) Ltd. in no way assures qualifying of MCI screening test.

3. I assume responsibility for all the elements necessary for my personal preparation for the MBBS in China or other program and have understood fully the requirements to be met.

4. I understand that I am responsible to make my own arrangements to travel to and from China . SEAES Education (P.) Ltd. has not endorsed, screened, selected or approved any travel arrangement, routes, or carriers.

5. While in China I will live in my admitted University’s dormitory whichever, for international students. I understand that SEAES Education (P.) Ltd. does not select, approve, screen, or arrange for the home stay or the host family.

6. I acknowledge that traveling to and residing in China, and other places outside of the India involves risks such as accidents or illness, disease, poor sanitation, inadequate medical care and facilities, terrorism, accidents, crime, the hazards of travel by air, train, boat, and motor vehicle, natural disasters, language and communication difficulties and hazards arising from a wide variety of events and circumstances that cannot be enumerated.

7. I understand that the social, cultural, and political norms in
China, may differ from those to which I am accustomed in the India. I will exercise reasonable care for my own safety at University and throughout my participation in the MBBS or any other  program I have chosen . I understand that SEAES Education (P.) Ltd. does not monitor or control the personal decisions, choices, and activities of participants in the MBBS. I acknowledge that if I have or develop problems with any foreign nationals or governmental agency of the host country, I will attend to the matter personally with my own personal funds. SEAES Education (P.) Ltd. does not guarantee promise what, if any, assistance it can provide under such circumstances.   

8. I understand that I am responsible for complying with the terms of participation of the MBBS program or other course I have chosen ,University rules and policies, and for obeying host country laws. I understand that the Host may reserve the right to decline to retain me in the MBBS program at any time should my actions or behavior, in the sole discretion of the Host impede or obstruct the progress of the MBBS program in any way. I understand that one of the consequences for non-compliance may be an early return to the native country at my own additional expense.

9. I have secured health and travel insurance to provide adequate coverage for any injuries or illnesses that I may sustain or experience while participating in the MBBS program, including but not limited to medical evacuation or repatriation. By my signature below, I certify that I have confirmed that my health care coverage will adequately cover me while outside of the India, and hereby release SEAES Education (P.) Ltd., its Board of Trustees, their officers, employees, representatives, and agents (“Releases”) from any responsibility or liability for expenses incurred by me for injuries or illnesses (including death) that I may incur because of those injuries or illnesses.

10. I am responsible for all costs and expenses associated with my participation in the MBBS program, including unexpected or unforeseen costs. I understand SEAES Education (P.) Ltd. cannot be responsible for additional travel costs or expenses that may result from airline schedule changes, flight cancellations, natural disasters, crime, illness, or other unforeseen events.

11. I understand that SEAES Education (P.)Ltd.  assumes no liability for any loss, damage, destruction, theft or the like to my
luggage or personal belongings.

12. I acknowledge that I am responsible for obtaining all necessary immunizations and for educating and informing myself about diseases, illnesses, and other health concerns that may result from living and studying in  China, or traveling in the region. I understand that additional information on health matters can be obtained from the international office of “Host University.”

13. I hereby personally assume all risks, whether foreseen or unforeseen, arising out of or in connection with my participation in the MBBS program for any harm, injury or damage that may befall me or my property while traveling, residing, studying or participating in any activities connected with the MBBS program.

14. I agree to release, promise not to sue, hold harmless, and indemnify SEAES Education (P.) Ltd., its Board of Trustees, Directors ,officers, employees, faculty, staff, and representatives (“Release’s”) from and against any and all liability for any harm, injury, damage, claims, demands, actions, causes of action, costs, and expense of any nature that I may have or that may accrue to me, arising out of or related to any loss, damage or injury, including, but not limited to, suffering and death, that may be sustained by me or any property belonging to me, while in, on, or in transit to or from the premises where the MBBS program , or any adjunct to the Program, including living in Universitys dorm, the home stay (if applied), occurs or is being conducted. It is my express intent that this Agreement will bind members of my family and spouse, if I am alive, and my estate, family, heirs, personal representatives, or assigns, if I am deceased, and will be deemed as a release, waiver, and discharge of Releases from, and covenant not to sue Release’s for, any claim by me or my family, arising out of my participation in the MBBS program. I further agree to save and hold harmless, indemnify, and defend Release’s from any claim made by me or my family arising out of my participation in the MBBS program. Releases will not be responsible or liable for any expense or loss that I may sustain because of changes from the representations in the Hosts publications and brochure.

15. I agree that should any provision or aspect of this Agreement be found to be unenforceable, all remaining provisions of the Agreement will remain in full force and effect.

16. I am at least 18 years of age and legally competent to sign this document; I have read and understand everything written above, and I voluntarily sign this Agreement to Participate, Assumption of Risk, and Release.

17. By accepting the terms on this website I understand that I am confirming this as my electronic signature.