Terms of Services for Associates


(In Non-Gazetted Countries)
(India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines)
All Associates/Representatives are required to thoroughly familiarise themselves with the following:

•    All the courses offered by UCAN
•    The duration of each course
•    The course fees
•    The entry requirements for each course

The fees are subject to change from time to time and should be checked with SEAES. SEAES will provide ample notice of any impending increase in fees.


UCAN and its represented courses can be promoted in several ways. The common ones are:

•    Advertisements in the local newspapers
•    By distributing flyers
•    By putting up banners in strategic positions (Sometimes this may require Council or Police approval)
•    By displaying posters and adequate amount of college material in your office
•    By conducting seminars
•    Through friends and sub agents
•    By leaving application forms, and information material in schools & colleges. (This can be done by first liaising with the principals)
•    The best form of promotion is by word of mouth from students who are satisfied with the service provided and are happy to tell their friends.
•    One of the most important things to remember when talking to potential students at a seminar or in your office is NEVER TO MISLEAD THEM. In the long term that will prove detrimental to our business.

If you are very thorough with your briefing to students and convey an accurate picture then you will find that only genuine and serious students will come forward. Your approval rate with visas will also improve and you will establish a very good track record with the UK mission in your country.

The student Visa issued by the concerned Embassy has conditions which come into effect as soon as the student lands in country he is visiting . These conditions if not met continuously can result in the cancellation of  a student Visa. The most common are:

•    The student must depart country. on the expiry of the student Visa as it is not valid for permanent residence
•    The student must satisfy course requirements and maintain a valid enrolment. Course requirements include the following:
•    Satisfactory Academic Progress
•    Satisfactory Attendance (Min 80%)
•    Payment of Tuition fees on time

Students are not permitted to work while the institution offering the course is in session. This requirement is waived when the college is closed for vacation. Students must be aware that the income form this  will only help to supplement the living expenses. It will not be sufficient to pay for all your expenses and student who attempts to do this will invariably end up breaching their student visa conditions.
Students must maintain adequate arrangements for Overseas Student Health Cover while overseas . as a student. Student must maintain adequate arrangement for the education for any school-aged dependents (aged 5 to 18) in country they have chosen for education.
A breach of the above conditions could lead to permission to stay in the country. being withdrawn and the student being required to leave the country. It will also adversely affect any future application to extend your student visa for second or subsequent courses.

How to apply

1. Give the student the Brochure /  Prospectus & Application Form and all the course materials.  Let the student select the course.  Check and make sure that student meets the entry requirements for the course.  The English level should be good enough to pursue the chosen course.

2. Help the student to complete the Application Form and go through every section of the form to make sure every section has been completed. Sections that do not apply insert N/A (Not Applicable).

3. Please send all scanned copies of all Educational qualifications which are equal to or higher than the minimum entry requirements with translations if necessary by email to info@embassyofeducation.org
4. Mail the Application Form and the supporting documents (certified copies of educational qualifications which are equal to or higher than the minimum entry requirements with translations if necessary i.e. 10+2 marksheets), together with two passport size photographs to:The Admissions Office of UCAN

If the student is accepted; UCAN  will send the following:
Letter of Acceptance (Conditional Offer Letter from university )
If there is any shortfall in the student’s application then SEAES might ask for that and in this letter SEAES will also demand the required tuition fees and accommodation charges (if any).

Terms & Conditions
After receiving the Conditional Offer Letter student/partner has to send the tuition fee or any requirement asked by UCAN

Letter of Admission (unconditional Letter) and payment Invoice

Visa  Processing  after reaching to host country
It is very important that when preparing a Visa application for the student close attention is paid to all the requirements.  All supporting documents must be carefully checked against the original for authenticity.  Representatives should be very meticulous in the preparation of the Visa application.  The success of this application would depend on:

  • Whether the student is genuine or not.
  • Has adequate financial means to support himself/herself for the duration of the course
  • Has a reasonably high standard of spoken & written English compatible with the chosen course of study.
  •  Meets the basic entry requirement of the College /University  
  •  Be of good health

All the above documents must be submitted in two files – one with the originals and the other with attested copies.  The Embassy in turn will return the file with the originals when the processing has been completed.

The Embassy of chosen country  on receipt of the application will respond in one of the following ways:

  • Approve the Application
  • Call the applicant for an interview (This can be face to face interview or on the phone)
  • Reject the application

Once Embassy  stamps the visa then the student has to make the necessary travel arrangements with help of UCAN.

The student must arrive in host country. in time to make arrangements for his accommodation (if he/she has not applied earlier) get familiar with country. and attend the Orientation.  If the student is late and does not notify the college, his enrolment may be terminated.

Code of Practice

As a representative of our institute you are asked to provide high quality counselling to all prospective students in relevant matters relating to:

•    Entrance requirements
•    Visa requirements
•    Living conditions
•    Study Abroad programs
•    English language courses
•    English language requirements for further education
•    Global Universities, their courses for full fee paying international students


For all Enquiries regarding the status of student applications should be made by Telephone, email or fax to the address shown on this page and marked:

The Vice President
EoE , University & College Admission Netwok

Please include the following student details:
•    Family name & given names
•    File number (if known)
•    Course applied for

For all enquiries related to representative agreements please contact the Vice President at the above address.